My Favourite *CHEAP* Places to See Film in London

So for all of you cinema lovers in London, you know the struggle is real to get a decent priced cinema ticket nowadays.

I love to see film the way it was intended to be viewed & so I'm here to share some of my tips on how I go to the cinema at least 3 to 4 times a week for barely any money at all.

BFI Southbank has a scheme called 25 & Under where you can get tickets for £3 45 minutes before the show time. Click HERE for a link to sign up and as long as you go in with your ID you'll be given a card and you can see any film (and most of their shows/exhibitions too, I believe) for only £3.

If you love documentaries as much as I do Bertha Dochouse in Bloomsbury is gunna be your new best friend. Monday to Thursday before 5pm all their tickets for their docs are only £5.

Same with a Curzon Student Membership. It's free & you get tickets for any of their films for £6, as well as early preview screenings. I really do love the Curzon, they have some beautiful cinemas!

Ciné Lumière often shows French cinema but I saw Call Me By Your Name here and Kes, both for only £5 each. It again, has an Under 25 scheme (HERE

#4 Cineworld 

My Cineworld Unlimited Card is my actual fave item I own. Only £17.90 a month & you can see as many films as you want, as many times as you want! They also have frequent screenings for members where you get to see films like 3 weeks before they come out!

 If you use my code you get a free month at the end of your first 12 - it's a must have if you love to keep up to date on new releases! RAF-85RG-54LN-90PF-44PD

Other Places I Like:
- Prince Charles Cinema - good for older/cult classic films
- Lexi Cinema and Rio Cinema (never been to either but would be good if you're in North London)

I'd love to keep you updated when I find new places but for now I stuck with my top 4!

Until next time 

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