Swimming With Men | London Premiere

This is the first post since the website has launched to the public so hello! I'm very excited to see other people interested in Cinematic Faves and enjoying the website so far so thank you for that!

On Wednesday July 4th Curzon Mayfair hosted the London Premiere of Swimming With Men, a fictional adaptation of the 2010 documentary Men Who Swim. I was lucky enough to be invited along and I had a great time (especially seeing Imelda Staunton, who was also in attendance). A huge thank you to Jonny Persey, a producer of the film, for inviting me.

The film itself was slightly strange for the first fifteen minutes and I was kind of thrown off by some of the editing choices made which left me wondering if it was going to get better or head down a different road but thank goodness for them picking up the pace and the comedy because it made for an all round enjoyable film.

It was a very honest film and aware of what it was and what it was trying to be and that made for some great performances and great comedic moments. The audience was laughing along and thoroughly enjoying themselves which is always a good sign, though I feel as though some of the moments that were made for a laugh didn't land quite as they would've liked.

The relationships between the men were believable and sincere and I particularly enjoyed watching the characters of Tom and Colin interact, as well as Luke and Eric. I was browsing around the internet to see if I could find the budget for the film to see if I could compare it to something of a similar nature but I cannot, however, I imagine it wasn't any more than £1 million, I wouldn't even be surprised if it was less.

It was definitely unique! I don't remember the last time at least 50% of a film was spent inside a pool so I give the actors credit for their tenacity! 

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