King of Thieves | Refreshing Brit Comedy Lands in All the Right Ways

Hello! It has been a while but now we are back and kicking off the reviews again with Michael Caine's newest venture, King of Thieves.

The London premiere is being hosted in Leicester Square tomorrow night and I was lucky enough to see it last Tuesday and let me tell you, myself and the other people at the screening most definitely enjoyed it.

It's so refreshing to see a British film that doesn't pander to the needs of American distributors. There's no dynamic fight scenes or explosive moments, just really great humour and terrific performances.

For a brief run down of the plot, it's centred around retired crooks who come back together to rob London's jewellery district, based upon the true events of the Hatton Garden heist.

Michael Caine stars alongside Harry Potter faves Jim Broadbent and Michael Gambon, as well as Ray Winstone, Tom Courtenay and Charlie Cox. The six of them have great on-screen chemistry and really pull of the performances fantastically. I was rather shocked by how intimidating Jim Broadbent can be, a far reach from loveable Slughorn!

Every single joke landed in the cinema, people were laughing the entire way through and were completely caught up in the (minimal) on-screen action. My personal favourite moment was someone knocking at Michael Caine's door and him just simply going "fa-cking 'ell" because we all know that feeling of wanting to do anything else than answer the door.

The comedy was fantastic, of course, but the action was just as intriguing because they aren't Tom Cruise dashing through Mission Impossible or Leonardo DiCaprio dodging Hanratty in Catch Me if You Can, they are five older men, people who you sit next to on the bus, their action isn't based on running away, all the stakes are in the discussions post heist. You see the downfall of their somewhat well executed plot when greed overtakes the success of it all.

Watching these older men and young Charlie Cox navigate the aftermath of what they'd done was the most entertaining part. The tension withheld the stretch of the narrative and kept everyone on their toes for 108 minutes. It was perfectly paced and no part of the narrative felt like the odd part out.

Definitely a must see for everybody this weekend!

King of Thieves hits UK Cinemas September 14th 2018.

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