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From director Chris Foggin comes his second feature film, Fisherman's Friends, a true story of a group of fisherman who charted their way to the Top 10 after being spotted by a music agent in the small village of Port Isaac. I feel confident enough to say this is one of the most enjoyable films I have seen this so far this year. Chris Foggin found beautifully universal moments inside a story that is so specific yet highlights the importance of love and friendship by hitting every note it sets out to.

BAFTA nominated Daniel Mays does a wonderful job of positioning the audience with him on his journey as Danny without diminishing the importance of the actors around him. He hits all of his comedic moments and still finds the heart at the centre of his narrative without sacrificing any elements of his performance. Ensemble casts are easy to get lost amongst but there were strong performances all round from a cast with diverse performance backgrounds who also mixed comedy in perfectly with the dramatic elements of the story and did an incredible job of making Port Isaac feel like home for 112 minutes.

Foggin builds a wonderfully quaint and quiet way of life through all of his characters who feel like they have lived in the village for years. It's so easy to fall in love with the community they've built around them. The rich source material for Foggin enabled him to tell a fantastic story but he does an even better job of not getting lost inside the details of the real life tale. The film still follows a traditional cinematic structure but it doesn't compromise the soul of the men whose story he tells.

It's reassuring to see the rise of British cinema by doing what Americans do so well in finding small stories in small corners of a big place and making them apply to an audience across the globe. Fisherman's Friends is a step in the right direction for what I hope to be a continued rise in stories like these. It's hard not to fall in love with this wonderfully family friendly film that'll remind you of the joy that comes from the little things in life and will have you singing the sea shanties all the way home. 

Fisherman's Friends hits UK Cinemas March 15th 2019.

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