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Sometimes a film will resonate with you on a deeper, more personal level and Wild Rose sure as heck was that for me. I want to kick myself repeatedly for not getting around to it whilst covering London Film Festival but I am thankful to be able to talk about it now. Better late than never!

Jessie Buckley is mesmerising as Rose-Lynn Harlan, a single mother from Glasgow who has recently been released from prison. Before her time in jail she was pursuing her love of country music and now she's out, nothing will get in the way of her dream. 

I'll admit, my love of Wild Rose could arguably be called somewhat bias because I adore country music. I have two Spotify playlists with a combined run time of 28 and a half hours dedicated to my most favourite songs straight out of Nashville, so as you can imagine, when I saw the trailer I was all in. Seeing the film itself flipped that expectation on its head and right-side-up again. I fell in love with the story, the message, the relationships explored and I just cannot express how much this film was a winner from start to finish.

Nicole Taylor, writer for many TV dramas, has won me over completely with her first feature film script. The jokes were perfectly placed, the tears were jerked at the appropriate moments and her characters are so full of life and effervescence but with a complete authenticity to them that you cannot help but hang on to every word they say. All of the above was so present in Jessie Buckley's detailed and sensitive performance of Rose. She entirely added another layer of attention to her and committed fully to embodying a real genuine, authentic human being and painted her with every colour she could find. 

The encouraging narrative is a brilliant step forward for British cinema. It was wonderful to see a woman that'd be recognisable on the streets taking control of a powerful story of a woman not only fighting to survive but fighting to live. She has a tattoo on her arm that says:

"Three chords and the truth"

Any country fan knows that's a nod to Harlan Howard's phrase stating that all country songs are made up of the perfect combination of three simple chords and real life truth but it's also the perfect embodiment of the film itself. Three acts and the truth, if you will. Three wonderful acts of nothing but pure unspoiled narrative fuelled by this burst of life and passion and love for the world, led by Rose showing us all what we can do if we work hard, love fiercely and push all the passion we have into our dreams.

I don't rate movies by stars but if I did, this would sure as heck get 5.

Wild Rose hits UK cinemas 12th April 2019.

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Treat yourself to one of Jessie Buckley's incredible songs from the film:

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