Long Shot: Rogen & Theron Crushing Convention | Review

Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen are bringing all the comedic energy they can muster to Jonathan Levine's 125 minute convention crushing romcom about Charlotte Field and Fred Flarsky, two childhood neighbours who rekindle their friendship after years apart. When Flarsky, a provocative journalist, is hired to pen speeches for Field's presidential campaign the two of them embark on a global tour to gain traction for Field's endeavour.

Comedy movies are always a hit or miss. If it doesn't make you laugh, it hasn't attained its only goal. These kind of narratives can often be overlooked for their more wacky elements but Long Shot is home to some incredibly witty quips amidst the (sometimes) goofy humour, but still manages to pull off its intention: to keep people laughing.

Charlize Theron, perhaps better known for finding her place in more dramatic roles as of late, has completely twisted that to bring a brilliant balance of character performance without sacrificing it entirely to the traditional conventions of the comedic genre. Dan Sterling and Liz Hannah, who each have a credit on the film's writing team, have done their best at tackling convention throughout the narrative whilst still identifying and utilising the more traditional elements of comedy. For example, stereotyping is definitely still present within Long Shot. Theron's character is the typical "serious business woman" wanting to be taken seriously in public so she can be taken seriously at work which is immediately challenged by bringing in Fred Flarsky, the "funny guy" aka total opposite of everything her character represents. His exterior and interior are entirely the opposite of serious. He wears a brightly coloured windbreakers and caps and will speak his mind to anyone who will listen.

The two of them being forced into situational comedy together is the basis of a fantastic film. Never once are you left waiting for a laugh, it has its more touching moments for the in-between parts which Rogen and Theron play to perfectly. Rogen has a well built home in comedy and he doesn't miss a beat in Long Shot. Together, they make for a brilliant pairing that I'd like to see more of on screen.

125 minutes is huge real estate for a comedy. It's incredibly difficult to keep people laughing for that length of time and although there's a small lull in energy towards the end, Long Shot doesn't waiver from its purpose. It's that perfect "compromise" movie that fits so neatly into the box offices and I imagine will do well once the Avengers hype dies down.

Long Shot lands in UK cinemas 3rd May 2019

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