Aladdin: A New Fantastic Point of View | Review

Disney is really starting to ramp up the live action remakes. With Lion King on the way and Dumbo earlier this year, now's the time for Disney Studios to prove these retellings of classics are worthwhile.

 When the first trailer arose, a lot of people (myself included) were skeptical. There’s always going to be worries that the memory of the original is preparing to be let down. And of course, who could replace the wonderfully eccentric and grandiose performance of the late Robin Williams?

The thing that stood out the most for me in Aladdin was the scale and the way that translated into the visuals. Guy Ritchie does a fantastic job of taking scenes from the original and blowing them up with huge crowds and vibrant colours. I have a few personal favourite scenes that stand out thanks to the brilliant world building by Ritchie. The ever-popular Never Had a Friend Like Me was upbeat with a fresh take from Will Smith. It was enjoyable to watch him put his own spin on such a well loved character, really making it his own throughout. This moment began with a subtle playful air and kept building, using the entire Cave of Wonder to bring to life the magical world we are thrust right into, setting the pace for the rest of the film perfectly. Prince Ali was another moment of excellent merit; filled with dazzling costumes and a huge ensemble to bring to life the reimagined childhood magic of the classic.

Aladdin centres itself around its comedy. Smith and Massoud take every opportunity to bounce the words of Ritchie and August off one another. This is a first for me in terms of seeing Mena Massoud perform and I really enjoyed his take on the iconic lead. Naomi Scott had arguably the strongest voice. One of her solos helped create a really powerful moment where she questions her place in the kingdom and her right to rule amidst the adversity from Jafar. Aladdin is on the surface, a children’s film but at its core it attempts to tackle modern issues such as misogyny and poverty and does its best to remain respectful to the sensitivity of these topics.

Aladdin surprised me. I haven’t, in the past, been hugely won over by the remakes but this one may have started to change my mind. I’m looking forward to seeing how the upcoming Lion King is handled now Aladdin has given me the new-found confidence to do so. 

Aladdin swoops into UK Cinemas 22nd May 2019.

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