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Jillian Bell leads the way as Brittany, a woman who we can all (at least, I can) identify with in the fact she finds no joy in exercising whatsoever. Her 'poor' lifestyle choices have led her down a rabbit hole of bad habits that leaves her feeling defeated in a doctor's office when an attempt to sneak some adderall turns into a lifestyle lecture.

This narrative is often a popular one but is similarly taboo. The talk of weight loss and obesity is one that will send shivers down the spine of many people. It's an awkward and uncomfortable conversation that is frequent among people whose narrative it is not so it's exciting and reassuring to see women take hold of the dialogue to steer it in the right direction.

Paul Downs Colaizzo has knocked it out of the park with his directorial debut. Previously having his name attached to only TV projects he has announced his arrival to the film industry loud and clear, having won the Audience Award this past winter at Sundance Film Festival. It's easy to see what the audience saw in it with a brave dive into comedy that turns quickly to heartfelt tender moments all within minutes of the opening sequence.

Colaizzo and his cast endeavour to explore the narrative of "everyone's struggling" in a way that is notable. It's very easy for that to become gimmicky but the presence of it is so subtle that it's easy to accept it as fact and not an attempt to pander to the audience. This part of the tale is what takes its lead on her journey. She has to discover that she isn't the only one hurting in order to fully accept herself for who she is. This is familiar and comforting and Brittany becomes the person she hates before she can become the best version of herself.

The balance of tenderness and humour are what sustains the film. Jillian Bell is so wonderfully fantastic and hits all the right notes at the right time, comedies can become tiresome when they choose to hit gag after gag but the intimate and quiet moments make the humour feel earned.

Plus, any film that has Lizzo on the soundtrack is a win in my books.

Brittany Runs A Marathon will hit UK Cinemas November 1st 2019.

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